IT programmers can be a crucial threat agent in a software development environment. Based on one of Microsoft’s reports, more than 50% of the security defects during the development process came from the component of the software itself. According to Microsoft’s data, software developers and programmers primarily make application known to vulnerabilities which means they could possibly compromise confidentiality, integrity, or availability of a computer system.

Because of this, software developers could expose assets inadvertently by presenting flaws. Possible reasons of defects during the process of development could be oversight or lack of experience with a programming language. Here at


we ensure to meet the demands of our clients, assuring them we understand their pre-requisites to a secure software, and taking their security concerns seriously. Everyone in the world wants to have a safe software environment in order to live in a more secure world so WE at SDE will be here to make that possible!

How do we secure your development environment?

During the development process of secure online applications, there are certain facets of the development which require secure facility to be integrated to a programmer’s commercial premises. We must ensure to our clients this environment is aligned with HMG Policy.

What is HMG?

It is a security standard which pragmatically applies to government computer systems in the United Kingdom. It refers to Information Assurance Standard No.1, commonly shortened to IS1. This security standard is utilized to evaluate, and create responses to the confidentiality, reliability and availability of information.

Our services include:

  • Administering the physical structure of the development environment, which comprises monitoring systems and access controls.
  • Securing import/export mechanisms and guaranteeing physical and technical separation of facilities and resources for development.
  • Helping our clients determine, design, and create the required physical, procedural, personnel and policies, and making sure they agree.
  • Working the necessary accreditation papers concerning the technical arrangement contained in the development environment.